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  1. Stories Crafted By Jude Charles

    Your Story Matters.

  2. Design & Build Brilliance

    After the design has been drawn, and the materials have been chosen, the project can't be complete unless there are the right craftsmen in place. Working with Greight Spaces equates to working with great vendors. It's not about egos, it's about getting the job done right and improving efficiency.

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  3. Gary Lanham Group at Coldwell Banker

  4. Time Irreplaceable (Watch Repairman Profile)

    Rooted in the business by his uncle and then his father, Vadim Shersher has been a watch repairman all of his life, since the age of 17. He has studied the ins and outs of repairing watches and even admits to not being able to find a watch he couldn't fix. It's what he loves to do. It's what he breathes for. And this is his story.

  5. Keyshia Ka'oir - Building the Brand Documentary Part 3

    The story of model and entrepreneur, Keyshia Ka'oir, and her journey to building a successful million dollar cosmetic line in less than one year. In the 3rd installment of this documentary series, you get a closer look at what Keyshia Ka'oir does to maintain a million dollar brand, and understand more about one of her key motivating factors: Family. She's a business woman, she's bold, and she's determined.

    A documentary film by Jude Charles.

    You can also view Part 1 of the documentary series here vimeo.com/27035348 and Part 2 here vimeo.com/38737174

  6. Google - Age of Influence with Ted Rubin